Hi, I am

Naya Moss

 About Me

I am a Creative Technologist and IT Pro. I have 10yrs of experience in Information Technology. I breathe and sleep tech. I love interactive technology projects. I make things happen. I get things done. I plan to spend my retirement becoming a recognized Ramen chef, teaching tech as a side hustle, and owning a modest clothing boutique for women with curves. I believe in working smarter not harder. I love to code, but I also love the powers and possibilities of the no-code movement. Check out my MakerPad profile.

📆 These Days

I am looking for fulltime or part-time remote work. Keeping all of my options open. Running a podcast production studio as my main job.

💼 Worked For

Google, J Crew, Optimist, Nike, The Black Car Fund, HP, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Per Scholas, tarte Cosmetics, The Brooklyn Museum, American Book Sellers Association, BounceX, and more.

🧼 Humbly Worked Nights & Weekends As…

A Janitor at a prestigious music school in Brooklyn, home cleaner, french crepe maker, supermarket cashier, a dog sitter, babysitter, hairstylist (coloring and extensions), virtual assistant, and task runner.

❤️ Favorite Subjects

Find me talking about information technology, information security, automation, startup culture, remote work, modern HR, diversity, the bible, contemporary art, modernism, minimalism, abstract expressionism, brutalist web design, Beethoven, the impasto method, community building, being an ENTJ, and the Fibonacci sequence.

💬 Languages I Speak

English – Native
Romanian – C1
German – A1
Polish – A1.1

👩🏾‍💼 Services I offer

Namos Studios: Podcast Editing and Production  → 
Namos Market: Virtual Assistance 
Namos Market: Newsletter Marketing → 


🚀 Projects and Companies

🎙A podcast editing & production studio. Helping podcasters focus on building & connecting with your audience.

A supportive community elevating Black women in tech.

HR Tech SaaS company, automation technology to improve company culture. Also a community bringing together professionals with careers in Culture, People, HR, and IT professionals via a bi-weekly newsletter and podcast.

Remote work as a lifestyle.

Namos Market, Fair pricing freelance market. Made front page on Product Hunt.



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