Hi, I am


??‍? About Me

10yrs in information technology. I live breathe and sleep tech. I love interactive technology projects. I make things happen. I get things done. Plan to spend my retirement to become a recognized Ramen chef and teach tech as a side hustle. Don’t challenge me in Karaoke, I’m confident I will win. My friends tell me I captivate a room when I talk. I believe that’s true.


? These Days

I am looking for fulltime or part-time remote work. Keeping all of my options open. I find myself in the space of remote work, freelancing, machine learning, and Ai. All very different than my 10 years of IT, but I am excited about these new learnings.


? Worked for

Google, J Crew, Optimist, Nike, The Black Car Fund, HP, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Per Scholas, tarte Cosmetics, The Brooklyn Museum, American Book Sellers Association, BounceX, and more.


? Humbly Worked Nights & Weekends As

A Janitor at a prestigious music school in Brooklyn, home cleaner, french crepe maker, supermarket cashier, a dog sitter, babysitter, hairstylist (coloring and extensions), virtual assistant, and task runner. One time a guy paid me $300 as a task runner to go buy his girlfriend a cupcake because he forgot her birthday.


? Companies, Projects, and Communities I Started

Get IT Fixed – iPhone repair (2010-2014)
LilyMint Online eBay Store – sold used house items, fixed electronics, and upstaged clothing (2010-2014)
LilyMint IT – phone repair, web design, network installation, software management (2014-2016)
Frauvis – Community for elevating Black women in tech (2017-2019)
Culturefiy – Culture, HR, IT consultant agency (2017-2019)
Webootsratp Cool – Coworking for bootstrappers (2019 Merged with Remote Life)


? World Traveler, Countries I’ve Been To

Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Jamaica, Bahamas, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Hungary, and Turkey.


⚽️ For Fun

Building no-code, Raspberry Pi or Audrino projects, learning about AI, delving into Big Data, creating bots to do things for me, going running, skiing, playing soccer, and eating Japanese food.


??‍♀️ My Super Powers

Surviving, being adaptable, thinking quick on my feet, and getting stuff done. Some people joke and call me a superwoman, it’s my survival skill.


❤️ Favorite Subjects

Find me talking about information technology, information security, automation, startup culture, remote work, modern HR, diversity, the bible, contemporary art, modernism, minimalism, abstract expressionism, brutalist web design, Beethoven, the impasto method, community building, being an ENTJ, and the Fibonacci sequence.


? Languages I Speak

English – Native, Reading, Writing
Romanian – Basic Conversational, Reading, Writing
German – Basic Conversational


Did you arrive here because you want to hire me, invite me to speak, or work together?

Send me a note.