🧠 How I Stopped Being Late As An ADHD Person, Part 2

In part one of how I stopped being late, I shared how I log my time, make time visible, and my habits for showering, hair, and makeup.

🕐 Clocks and Reminders
When just starting to break your habit, I highly recommend keeping one clock in every room. Or in just areas where you are less likely to take a physical watch. I logged my time and put all of my tasks into different areas and buckets. These then went into a calendar with audio reminders until my routine came naturally.

🎒One Bag
How many times have you forgotten something because you switched bags? I stick to 1 Black slim book bag that can be dressed up or down. The most important aspect of changing my late habit is reducing how much I need to remember in the morning. This means that keys, laptop, allergy medication, etc., are all in this single bag. When I get in, I never put them on a table or where they can be forgotten. They go right back into my bad the moment I step in. Something that seems minor but makes all the difference. I do the same for items such as my water bottle, umbrella, and anything I might need the next day but could forget.

I switched to wearing the same 4-5 pieces of wrinkle-resistant clothing. I stick to Black, Gray, and Dark Blue. No jeans or clothing that needs to be ironed. I add color to my outfits through lightweight scarfs, make-up, or nails. I tend to hold water weight and experience a lot of bloating the week before and after my menstruation. Therefore, I purchased 2 out of 5 peices, two sizes bigger to avoid discomfort. This means I am not sorting through clothes trying to "find something that fits and is comfortable".

🚌 Commuting
The last step in assuring I arrive anywhere on time is to use a maps app to tell me how long it would take to get to x location. Whatever is the "time to leave" on the app, I always add 30mins. Suppose the app said to leave at 8 to arrive on time. I would leave at 7:30. Bonus, If communicating within a city, check if there is a transportation app with live arrival times and notifications.