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      ? IT Information Security: Automation, Strategy, Management, and Governance

      I have 10 years of IT and Information security experience. I started out with my own iPhone repair shop, web design agency, then as an IT Helpdesk consultant. Over the years I have worked in various industries such as beauty, education, mar-tech, and fin-tech. I have become known for leading technology teams, large scale IT and Infosec projects, and helping startups scale technology departments.

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      ??‍? Culture & Human Resources

      The last 2-4 years of my IT career I found myself integrating with Culture and HR departments, leading strategies for integration and automation. This meant creating workflows, processes, and strategies implementing company-wide automation and strategies.

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      ? Community Building

      In mid-2018 I started a community for black women in tech, called Frauvis. It is a free and safe community for women who identify as black or of African descent. The community is 350+ women across North American, South America, Europe, Northern-West Africa. The community members are connected via the weekly newsletter, podcast, slack, and social media. Members are helped with mentorship, a book club, and job opportunities.

      Want to know how to start a community? Learn where to start and how to be authentic community leader.


      ? No-Code Development

      Late 2018, I came across a no-code hackathon and become intrigued with all the possibles of building robust enterprise-level solutions with no-code tools. I saw how these tools could be used for startups and indie makers to build robust with low operating costs (aka building without devs). I started building with no-code tools, more recently focusing on Webflow, Bubble, Airtable, Zapier, and more. Many in the no-code community have called me a no coder leader and expert ?.

      So you want to build a marketplace app, quickly build $500 client sights, or automate your business processes? Let’s build ?!


      ✈️ Traveling

      Many call me a world traveler. I first started traveling in 2015 I have now visited a total of 19 countries many of my trips I have always spent between $500-$1000 for an average of two weeks each trip. This includes transportation eating accommodation and excursions. After resigning in Europe for a year I have also learned the tips and tricks for getting around via bus and small carrier plane. In 2018 I traveled across from East in Europe to Portugal spending under $500 in total for transportation.

      Want to spend 220 abroad and on a budget? Let’s start planning!


      ? Remote Work

      I have officially worked full-time remote for one year now prior to this I have always worked for companies where it was a very flexible work schedule meaning I work from home a couple times per week. Because of this I learned many techniques and ways to stay on track during the day while also keeping my health up.

      Building a remote team? Let’s talk about building a ditrubited team. Are you a remote worker? Let’s talk about how to stay productive!


      ? Minimalist Living

      For five years now I have learned how to live off of less than $50 per week in the US in less than $20 per week in Romania. I first started my minimalist journey back in 2016 when I thought I was going to move to Berlin and I didn’t want to have to move anything across seas. I started to throw out things that I didn’t need and I love the feeling and I maybe have taken it too far. But it later served well for super light traveling needs!

      Let’s Marie Kondo your life, or in this case Naya Moss ?!


      If you want to talk more with me about any of the subjects above and how I can help you in your journey and needs make sure to head over to my calendar Lee to schedule a free 15-minute consultation call.