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I have been very open that the past 6-9months in Romania I have felt the most depressed and unhappiest I have felt in my entire life. In lieu of getting back to my true self, it’s important to identify the cause and ways to make improvements.


Quantified self and self-tracking methods.

Items I track

  • Water intake
  • Coffee intake
  • Finances
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Negative and positive thoughts
  • Language learning
  • Professional courses
  • Social interactions

Improved morale score

6.8 out of 10

Tools Utilized 

Airtable, Google Sheets, and Typeform Conversations

Free Alternative To Wallet App,

Cost $0


Depression after moving abroad, bad social interactions abroad, inability to track spending (foreign bank unable to connect with 3rd party apps), and more. I created this chatbot to track my quantified self items that aren’t already tracked by free software. To learn more about quantified self, read here.

Items I Tracked via Free App

Water intake, caffeine intake, alcohol intake steps, exercise, fasting, gratitude, and productivity.

The Free Apps

Apple Shortcuts, AppleScript, Apple Health App, Zero Fasting, Less Alcohol, Memory Ai: Timely, Rescue Time, and Cactus.

Getting Started

  1. Identify what data you want to track about your life and why.
  2. Identify any free or low-cost apps that allow you to track this data.
  3. Create categories that you would like to track.
  4. Identify ways to make the chatbot fun, via statements, gifs, encouraging quotes, etc.
  5. Make the link available everywhere, so you never forget.

The Back End and Categories

Originally all of the data from Typeform fed into a Google Sheet. But recently after gaining access to Airtable, I am making the transition as Airtable is more powerful in linking data.

Setting Categories was something that was quite easy for me, I have already been tracking this data via Google Sheets and Google Forms. That initial setup took about 5-6 hours collectively over time. Primarily because I wasn’t sure what exactly what I wanted to track. Years ago I started by tracking purchases, bills, and spending, this was before finance apps became popular.

The Main Categories are









This is forever evolving as this can be a bit time-consuming.

Accessing The ChatBot

I have made the bot accessible from all of my devices by

  • adding the chatbot link to the description my google calendar
  • setting a nightly notification including the link
  • setting a link on the home screen of my cellphones

Make It Fun

What makes the chatbot feel like an actual chat? I wrote response statements after each group of questions are complete. For example, if I mention that today my mood is depressed or hopeless, I have a set of return statements that share 1 positive quote, a funny gif, and a depression crisis hotline. 

If you are unfamiliar with Typeform and logics jumps, read this. Next, I will share how to organize, assess, and use this data to make life improvements.

Find the example from here.

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