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Namos Market is a fair pricing freelance market. We regulate listing prices to assure that freelancers are able to sell their services at prices they deserve! Some of the popular marketplaces allow freelancers to list services for below-average pricing. This low-value proposition forces competition with other freelancers and selling for less than market value.


Building a no-code business

Namos was built entirely with no-code tools. I tried different solutions such as using WordPress and TypeForm, a custom code solution, and Webflow. I believe any of these solutions would have worked if I would have given it time. At the moment, I was desperate to pay rent.

This is where Boundless comes in. I started asking around in a couple of no-code communities. The CEO of Boundless, Nolan, immediately reached out. He and his team gave dedicated support and walked me through every bit of the process.

The no-code app is fairly new. They wanted to make sure I set up the app correctly and successfully. I also received help from communities such as MakerPad, Women Make, and Frauvis.

At first, I was skeptical of the no-code movement. Many people say it’s not worth it, it has a steep learning curve and security issues. This was alarming considering my IT and Security background. When I heard there were security issues I lost interest. This was a couple of years back. Many of the no-code platforms have drastically improved. I find myself becoming a strong no-code advocate. I can code and I have done front-end web development in the past, but my heart was in IT. I love that with no-code you can validate ideas quickly and get a solution up and running in a much faster time than it would take you to code it.


A surprise launch

I actually had absolutely no plan to launch Namos Market. I had planned to build it, then run some ads on Facebook to find some customers. I don’t actually remember when this happened but two weeks ago I posted somewhere on social media that I was working on this app and shared it. Many people that saw the post, tweet, or ask for help, encouraged me to launch on Product Hunt. I would have thought my first PH launch would have been a bit more strategically planned.

I stuck with boundless because they have a great team and I just wanted to finally finish one no-code project. I’ve started a couple since joining MakerPad, but I always felt they weren’t good enough. Funny I actually felt this project wasn’t good enough. When everyone told me I should launch on PH.

I expected perhaps 10 upvotes and just a few freelancers to sign up. However, so far I have 4 buyers that have inquired about the virtual assistant service, one of the highest-priced services. Knocking the myth that buyers won’t pay true value for a marketplace service.

The feedback that I received was in regard to some email workflow issues. Overall, most feedback was positive. I was really surprised that many loved the design. I stressed about having to prep a proper pricing table. I thought that if I didn’t have a proper pricing table that no one would take it seriously nor inquire to buy. No sales yet, but I think the 3 buyers that scheduled a consultation call looked promising.

Last I checked, 22 freelancers applied. Again, this was launched on a whim. I regret not properly setting up Google analytics. I did, however, see in Crisp there are simultaneous ~20 visitors per hour, mostly from Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America.


Looking forward

Although Namos was originally created as a solution for myself, today’s feedback shows this issue is common and beyond me. It is important for freelancers to have proper representation and the ability to list prices true to their value. Next steps, I need to sort out distributing payments beyond freelancers in the US.

The plan is to keep the app free to low-cost, much like everything else I run. Perhaps after testing, improvements, and success, we will have a small seller-membership fee. The focus now is making it a great place for buyers to quickly purchase services from highly skilled freelancers and for freelancers to feel valued. I will be documenting the progress, so stay tuned.


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