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What Is The Process?

1. Fill out the getting started to form below.

2. In the form is a short questionnaire to help me prep for the call. Questions may vary depending on the subject.

3. Choose if you need 1 hour or more.

4. Make a payment. Once your payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to schedule your consulting call.

5. During the call, we’ll discuss your particular problem and questions.


All general consulting calls are $99/hr. If you are interested in IT or IT security consultation, please email me for more details. If you are unable to make a payment via Stripe. I accept payments in various forms such as various Paypal and Transferwise.

Book a Session

Simply fill out the form below 😀!

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After The Call – What’s Included

  • A full video and audio recording of the call.
  • A summary highlighting the vital points of our conversation.
  • Resources and links.
    Next steps recommendations.